Вот он долгожданный - pray Windows Vista SP1 6.0.6001.16633 :pray:

Since all of the news last week about the new SP1 build Microsoft sent to their tester, I have been looking for a torrent to download it from.

he new thing with this build is that it is just the Service Pack Hotfixes and not a slipstreamed version. The new hotfix KB36330 is already on hte previous leaked builds installed update list. So I am assuming that if you are using the last leaked build, you more than likely are gonna have to do a fresh install. The build string is SP1 6.0.6001.16633 (longhorn.070803-1655). Torrent was leeaked from Demonoid!

SP1 with Standalone installer for Vista x86 (32bit). AFAIK, the .exe nor the contained .cab cannot be integrated into Vista through known methods (vlite, pkgmgr, etc.), and instead must be installed on top of an existing Vista installation.

Download / Скачать Vista SP1 6.0.6001.16633

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